Follow your Heart 07-02-16 by Mystic Omorose. 

Please enjoy my newest song 'Follow your Heart'. It is an electronic groove I put together using my voice and selected electronic instruments. I created it especially for those who are going through challenge, disappointment, or discouragement. Also for those who have been judged or persecuted for speaking their truth in this lifetime or any other lifetime. As a reminder that no matter the obstacles to always follow your heart.

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This is a song I have created for the new year 2016! It is an electronic groove I put together using my voice and selected electronic instruments. I composed it to bring inspiration, joy and rainbow blessings into the lives of others. Please enjoy, and feel free to share this link with your friends, social networks and family. To spread the rainbow magic. 

Sacred sound activation created on 01-05-2016 by Mystic Omorose.Blessings of Crystalline Light 3 minutes 25 seconds. Enjoy this quick energy transmission as Omorose plays the crystal singing bowls. To help bring empowerment and clarity into the new year! 

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Violet Flame Activation created on 02-08-2015 by Mystic Omorose. Enjoy the frequency of the Violet Flame tuning fork along with the 396 Solfeggio tuning fork. To help release fear and transmute heavy energies. 1 Minute 33 seconds.  

Welcome to an assortment of videos created by Mystic Omorose for empowerment: 

YES! Transmission.  

06-20-2016 by Mystic Omorose.

Please enjoy this funky little video I put together this week using my voice and selected electronic instruments. I call this video 'YES'. And today I AM saying YES to raising the vibration of the planet by celebrating life. Let's spread peace, love, prayers and bliss onto this planet. And let's never stop loving each other. Let's love each other so much that the shadows turn into light!

Activate transmission

06-21-16 by Mystic Omorose.

Please enjoy my newest sacred sound transmission designed to activate the crystalline DNA within the body. It was created to support with the ascension process. In order to activate from a carbon-based body to a crystalline body. Which supports in anchoring fully into the fifth-dimension and accessing the multi-dimensional self.