Sometimes angels are just ordinary people who help us believe in miracles again. ~ Artwork by Mystic Omorose. 

In Service to Humanity. 

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"Out of difficulties grow miracles." Jean de la Bruyere~

Sedona, AZ Sacred Vortex - Cathedal Rock


Thank you for following your heart to discover a bit more about me.     

My name is Mystic Omorose,

I am passionate about helping evolving souls prosper, thrive and live with happiness and well-being. ​My unfolding mission is to inspire, support and encourage authentic blooming empowerment for highly sensitive souls. 

I am a natural born psychic. With 15 years experience as a spiritual messenger and energy healer. I help people all over the world. Get to better places in their lives. By providing heartfelt advice, inspirational guidance, and spiritual breakthroughs.

I wrote & published the book ‘Rose Petals of Inspiration’. After transcending a life changing 'dark night of the soul'. To inspire others going through adversity, anxiety or depression. And to share support by revealing triumph and tips. For how I overcame crippling panic attacks, coupled with a treacherous chemical dependency on prescription sleeping pills.

My commitment in service to humanity. Is to support highly sensitive awakening souls. Into seeing and embracing their unique, beautiful, divine gifts. In addition to supporting those who wish to receive clarity about important relationship and life purpose matters. As life purpose really does matter!

I have had 2 near death experiences in the last two decades. And went through a spontaneous kundalini awakening in 2017 which amplified and expanded my natural psychic and healing abilities. Thereby providing accelerated gifts and shifts to share with clients.  

​My natural psychic gifts and abilities, actually began awakening at a very young age. As I was easily tuning into the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others as a small child. In addition to having prophetic dreams, unexpected inner visions and spontaneous gifted knowings as a teenager and young adult. Including seeing my brother stranded and trapped with falling rocks in a building during one particularly unshakable dream. Where an actual earthquake in real life occurred several hours later. Only to discover that my brother was near the epicenter in a basement on a work assignment. And in potential danger of injury or death through structure collapse or falling objects. This led to my deepening understanding and responsibility with prophetic dream visions. 

I am able to communicate with deceased loved ones, as well as pets and animals. And was unexpectedly visited by my deceased grandmother in 2014 when she handed me a vision of 'flowers'. And as well had a riveting communication from a friend who passed away in 2001, while she was having her life review. Thus touching me deeply, unexpectedly and profoundly. Encouraging the sharing of mediumship gifts with clients, friends and family.  

I am able to easily tune into the energy of a room, person or space. Via intuiting energies, feeling and communicating with spirits, sensing auras, and dowsing ley lines. Which has resulted in providing hundreds of space clearings, healing sessions and readings for clients over the last decade.  

Through a near death experience I had while living in Sedona, Arizona in 2008. My healing and psychic abilities also amplified in an accelerated way. This was after waking up at exactly 4:44 am on Christmas day. Struggling to catch my breath from pneumonia.  I was suddenly greeted by what felt like a blanket of intense all-encompassing angelic energy. Which seemed to be showering me with massive doses of unconditional love. The depth of the experience was beyond words. I clairaudiently received a message in that: ‘Thousands of angels are watching over you’. This was coupled with a sudden and instant warm recognition. That something extra-ordinary was taking place. Moving me with further desire, inspiration and passion to help others. As well as to bring accelerated gifts and shifts for clients. Through the spiritual awakening of this direct source experience.   

I currently reside in the beautiful Southwest USA. Surrounded by breathtaking sunsets & fragrant roses. Which supports the blossoming heart of my service to others. I love to paint, create music, hike, meditate, explore consciousness, eat raw chocolate and photograph all things beautiful in my free time. I am inspired by rainbows, sunsets, flowers and random acts of kindness. I believe in the attitude of gratitude. Which is why I want to thank you. For following your heart to discover more about me. 

As I truly look forward to meeting with you soon!


Mystic Omorose~

Wild Roses in Bloom, Pacific NW

Mystic Omorose

"Ask for help, not because you're weak, but because you want to remain strong." ​Les Brown. 

Wild White Rose, Pacific NW

Mystic OMoROSE 

My heart opens to embrace your beauty as unique and a part of the whole. As individual petals unfolding which create the flower of life. I am here to help you see your inner light & beauty. And to help you discover your unique divine gifts. Which contribute to the field of unlimited possibilities. Thus committed to inspiring a collective heart blossoming and awakening of that which is beautiful.

~ Mystic OMoROSE


OM - The divine vibration 

ROSE - ♥ Flower of the heart ♥ 

OMoROSE - Egyptian for beautiful 

Roses from my garden. 

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." Martin Luther King Jr.  

~The stillness of truth is found deep within the heart of a rose.~ 

~I AM ~

A Conduit 

of Divine Source Energy 

Rose from my garden. 

Love on my altar. 

Mystic Omorose with guardian angel energy on her shoulders  



Reiki Master Teacher

Angelic Messenger