OM Angel created by Mystic Omorose while listening to heart chakra Tibetan singing bowls meditation May 2017. 

Silver fairy painting by Mystic Omorose.

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Abstract JOY painting by Mystic Omorose. 

DNA Activation painting by Mystic Omorose. 

Glitter Fairy painting by Mystic Omorose.

Glitter fairy reminds us that love is best sprinkled generously all over the place!

Available in post card prints for $11. 

Welcome to the heART of my ART. ♥ Here you will find a growing collection of celestial art. Inspired to activate, nourish, and bless the sacred heart.

I will be adding new paintings through the holidays and coming year. As well selected originals are available through my website at this link. 

Enlightenment painting by Mystic Omorose. 

Violet Flower fairy. 

An invitation to explore the blossoming heart of abundance. 

Angel Initiation painting by Mystic Omorose. 

Saint Germain painting by Mystic Omorose. 

The Ascended master of the Violet Flame. ♥ 

Lord Ashtar Painting by Mystic Omorose. 

​Calling 144,000. 

Birthing a Unicorn Angel painting by Mystic Omorose. 

I AM Voice Angel painting by Mystic Omorose. 

Created in a channeled space with 17 petals instead of 16. The extra petal may represent: 

Moving beyond limitations
Breaking perfections
Freedom to express outside of the box
Trusting inner vision
Confidence in expression. 
Accessing additional realities
Accepting uniqueness as a part of the whole. 

​Available in post card prints for $11 each. 

Rose Angel painting by Mystic Omorose.

Solar Language of Light Angel painting by Mystic Omorose. Original SOLD. 

Contact Angel painted by Mystic Omorose-

Contact Angel was painted the week I observed circular clouds hovering above Mount Rainier. Coupled with strong benevolent loving, pulsating energies emanating from the area.  I snapped the photo below and the next day became aware of a massive UFO sighting at ECETI ranch (approx 100 miles south of the area) the same day this photo was captured. So decided to feel into the energies and create art from the heart of my vision within this swirling vortex. 

Adama the High Priest of Telos painting by Mystic Omorose.

Anchoring the crystalline light into the planetary grid for ascension. 

Language of Light Angel painting by Mystic Omorose. 

Heartful Love Angel 

An invitation to explore the joy of unconditional love. 

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May you be blessed!


​Mystic Omorose~

Birthing Love Angel painting by Mystic Omorose.

Birthing Love Angel painted the week before summer solstice June 2017. As a reminder of the love created through the womb, as well as through our inspirations, dreams and visions fueled by the kundalini fire moving through the sacral and heart chakra.

Available in post card prints for $11. 

My Kundalini awakening painting by Mystic Omorose.

No shut off



of lightening.



the spine. 




Into ..........










Lions Gate portal opening 2017. 

Seraphim Angel Painting created by Mystic Omorose. 

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May you be blessed!