Vortex Energies ~ Hidden sanctuary. . 

Rainbow orb with Buddha statue. 

Portal of violet and gold energies opens up at the Pacific NW Washington!

Heart opening Mystic Omorose~

Drumming ceremony - Mystic Omorose.

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Angel Orb! ~ Mystic Omorose

Spirit lights after drumming ceremony with Mystic Omorose.

Heart opening Mystic Omorose. 

Spirit orbs around sacred rose altar!

Pink Love orb around Buddha statue!

Spirit Angel orbs around meditation chair in nature!

Love is in the air! 

Ho'oponopono Blue Prayer Bottle Love~

Quantum energies ~ Mystic Omorose

Spirit Lights - Mystic Omorose~

Rainbow Orb!

Spirit orbs are flashes of multi-dimensional energy~light that appear in a variety of colors and shapes. They are known to represent angels, ascended masters, light beings, deceased loved one's and helper guides. Many people believe that orbs are attracted to peace, love, joy, laughter and sacred places. As they often show up at parties, during sacred ceremony, and high energy power spots. 

Angel orbs at Sedona, Arizona power spot! 

Mystic Omorose in JOY. 

Quantum Energies Mystic Omorose ~ Fresh roses. 

Rainbow orb radiating from angel statue. 

Love and Blessings,

Mystic Omorose~

Drumming Ceremony Mystic Omorose~

Vortex energies - holding a tree branch. 

Spirit orbs in nature Pacific NW Washington. 

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Archangel Chamuel energies on sacred altar.