Wild White Rose, Pacific NW

Sedona, AZ Sacred Vortex - Cathedal Rock

~The stillness of truth is found deep within the heart of a rose.~ 

In Service to Humanity. 

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Mystic Omorose offers the sweetness and divine nectar of a sacred rose. Sharing uplift and encouragement from a genuine heart space. Revealing profound insights through the thorns along her journey. Her sincerest desire is to support humanity, in unfolding to their highest potentials.

With nearly a decade of experience as a spiritual messenger and energy healer. Omorose is grateful to serve clients all around the world. 

Having a strong connection to angels, ascended masters, shamanism, crystals, fairies, devas, and many sacred sites, including Sedona. Where she lived for 6 years, receiving sacred activations on the land. Omorose uses her empathy to tune into others at a distance and utilize her gifts of clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and clear knowing to help lovingly guide, reveal and encourage. Providing clear direction and insight making it easier for her clients to move forward with empowerment. 

No question is too small or too big for Omorose to answer... She strives to reveal the mysteries and insights longing to be discovered by the soul, through her natural born gifts. 

All of Omorose's sessions, readings and offerings come from a loving heart space designed to support, empower, and inspire. A place where one can safely discover their greatest potentials, and receive insights to cherished questions. Whether choosing to bask in reiki healing energy and divine energy attunements, or simply treat oneself to a reading or sacred products designed to uplift, nourish and empower the soul. 

Each client is treated as a unique and delicate flower, belonging to a sacred garden. Through offerings intended to generously water and warmly nurture the soul. 

This is a place where all seekers on the journey of life, are honored. To receive the full attention, care, and support to come into full bloom of empowerment. 

For a fully empowered blossoming, is the fragrance of pure unconditional love. The vibration of infinite source energy... 

Remember who you are?


(the light in me, honors the light in you)

Mystic Omorose


Mystic Omorose~

Sweet red rose

Wile Roses in Bloom, Pacific NW



Reiki Master Teacher

Angelic Messenger


Roses from my garden. 

Wild Pink Rose, Pacific NW

~I AM ~

A Conduit 

of Divine Source Energy